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The real estate developer has installed facilities to meet the preferences of the residents of Tradizo Enclave. They are well maintained and elegantly put together using the best architectural designs. The facilities and amenities ensure that the community enhances togetherness and strengthens family values.

The facilities include;

  • A club house where friends can catch up as they have some drinks.
  • A resident’s lounge at the club house for the Tradizo Enclave residents to catch up
  • Chapel for religious people to have their holy time at any period of the day.
  • Vast and refreshing swimming pool
  • Pathways that allow cycling and jogging
  • A club house façade architecture to enhance the beauty of the club house with its thick base and raised flooring.
  • The roads and paths around the residential place have trees along the edges
  • A play area for children that is well equipped
  • Basket ball court for the game lovers.
  • A rotunda to create a warm reception for visitors

The amenities include;

  • The residential place is gated. It has only one major entry point that has guards 24/7.
  • Well-kept lawns that are regularly watered to keep the grass green. They are vast and open to allow for gatherings such as parties.
  • Constant and enough water supply
  • There are also small ‘forests’ that create parks inside the residential area
  • The area also has a feature wall forming a perimeter that ensures the place is secure and shows the artistic state of the Tradizo Enclave.
  • Abundant security that is enhanced by well-trained security guards during the day and at night together with high-end security systems.

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